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How to buy

The purchasing process through is easy and friendly. It  consists of the following simple steps:

1. Register, it is very important to enter your information correctly because it will be used to compliment  your payment or contribution. It shall be verified and shipments of the products you purchase will be made. Data supplied when signing up on our website will only be used for purposes of merchandise sales. They will not be used for any other purpose. If you want to sign up now click HERE.

1.2 Once registered in our shop, the following message should appear:

Account Created

2. Once registered, you can browse the store, click on the products you're interested, read the description and once you are convinced you may click on the "Quote" button. When you've added all the items that you are interested in, you click "Generate Quote" button.

Shopping Cart

3. The next step will automatically take you to the "Billing Address" and "Data Submission"  screen in which you see your address. If there is any mistake correct it before continuing by clicking on Change Address. In case you do not need to change the address, click Continue.


Then, on the same screen you will select the payment option that you prefer. After selecting the option click  Continue.

4. Immediately after,  you will access the  "I am prepared to quote" screen. Check the order overview. Then click on the box  "I accept the conditions"  and then click on  "Confirm Order".

Order Confirmation

Upon completion of this process we will email you a thank you message with the general data of purchase or contribution you made.

 5. Once we receive notification of your payment and verify it, the PURCHASING MANAGEMENT process will begin immediately according to your instructions and in accordance with the ordered products.